Mom and Baby Boot Camp in Long Beach

✓ Bond With Your Baby

✓ Make Mommy Friends

✓ Get Energized & Feel Great

✓ Enjoy Some Fresh Air

✓ Get a Killer Workout
Without Hiring a Babysitter

Start Today – First Week Only $10!

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Do you want to be a part of a community of like-minded moms?

Do you want to create a healthy lifestyle for you and your baby?

Let’s face it, we need mom support and we need to feel like we still have a life.
Sweaty mommy is a great way to get out of the house, get some fresh air at the beach,
have your baby as your workout buddy, and stay motivated with other moms.
It’s also a great way to interact with moms, build friendships, and relate to that #momlife.

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Total Body Sculpt (Stroller Needed)
Monday – Friday* 
9:15am – 10:15am

Prenatal/Postpartum Yoga (Yoga Mat Needed)
8:00am – 9:00am

Prenatal/Mommy & Baby Zumba (Ergo Optional)
8:00am – 9:00am

Please arrive 10 minutes early to check in.

*There is no Total Body Sculpt class on the third Friday of each month—this is reserved for Sweaty Mommy play dates! Follow our Sweaty Mommy Facebook Group for our monthly events.


Alamitos Bay Parking Lot
Beach Access Rd.
Long Beach, CA 90802
Parking is $1 per hour. Credit cards accepted.

What Other Moms Are Saying About Sweaty Mommy

  • I’ve made it a weekly routine and always look forward to it. I know those two days I will get a great workout my body will thank me for. Plus, my daughter gets out for some fresh air and sees her friends. We all are mommies and know what it’s like to have a crying or fussy baby. In this mommy group we all experience it (during our workout) and are not frowned upon or judged for it because we all can relate. –Naomi C.
  • Sometimes as a stay-at-home-mom it can be hard to find a social life outside of home. I’m glad that I joined the Sweaty Mommy group because it has allowed me to connect with other mommies. At the same time I can get in a workout without needing to find childcare since I can bring my (not-so) little one with me. Not only do I get to socialize, but he does as well. I found what I needed with this group and more. I especially like how we’re there to empower each other through fun workouts and camaraderie. Thank you, Darlene, for adding me to the group and always encouraging us to do our best! -Jennifer A.
  • “I started Sweaty Mommy when my son was five weeks old and I have loved the entire experience. Besides working towards getting my pre-pregnancy body back, Sweaty Mommy has allowed me to meet other mommies and do it all while enjoying the California sunshine while working out at the beach and bonding with my baby. Darlene is a great coach and instructor. She is always prepared with new and fun workouts, so the classes never gets mundane. She always has modified versions for every activity so mommies can work at their own fitness level. She’s a great motivator and has helped pushed me towards my fitness goals. I’m happy to report that since joining Sweaty Mommy I’ve lost half my pregnancy weight, have gained some amazing mommy friends, and have a great tan!” -Katrina H.
  • I’m a stay at home mom to an almost 1 1/2 year old little boy. I found Darlene’s Sweaty Mommy group through Facebook and decided to get out of my comfort zone and come to a class. I’m not one who normally goes to the gym or works out ever. Darlene is such a positive, friendly, and knowledgeable instructor. She changes the workout routines and locations so there’s something new for each class. I can’t believe I actually run now! After going to Sweaty Mommy twice a week, I feel so much stronger and energized. Her workouts are not only fun, but empower you to be a strong woman and mom. I especially love being able to take my son with me to the Sweaty Mommy workouts. We are able to get out of the house, get some fresh air, and meet other mommies and babies. Sweaty Mommy gives me the opportunity to better myself and my body. I look forward to Sweaty Mommy every week and am so happy I joined. -Annelise F.

You gave birth…you can work out!

Sweaty Mommy is designed for all levels!

Each class is a total body workout that includes a variety of strength, cardio, and endurance training. We provide modifications to include everyone from pregnant moms to moms at all stages of postpartum. It’s a great way to take care of your body and prevent postpartum depression.

We are here to have fun, be healthy, and get sweaty. Come join the fun!

Get your first week for only $10!

Long Beach Mom Fitness Meetup

Ready for your “ME” time?

 ✸ New Mom Special ✸

First Week Just $10!

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What to Bring:

✓ Stroller
✓ Water
✓ Towel, Blanket, or Yoga Mat
✓ Ergo (Or Other Carrier)
✓ Resistance & Ankle Bands*

 If you have an older child, bring something to entertain them like toys, bubbles, and/or snacks.
Also, make sure you have a blanket or towel for them sit on when we stop.

*Don’t have any bands? Get some!
We use them every class and recommend these:
Resistance Bands | Ankle Bands

Long Beach Mom Fitness Meetup

Hi, I’m Darlene and this is Maui!

Here’s a little background about me:
✓ 15 Years Experience as a Health & Fitness Professional
✓ Certified Prenatal & Postnatal
✓ Certified Vegan Lifestyle Coach & Educator
✓ Author of “The Affordable Vegan Diet”
✓ Fitness Model & TV Personality
✓ 5x Nationally-Qualified Bikini Competitor
✓ And of course, I’m a first-time mom with an incredible girl!

Why I Started Sweaty Mommy

My vision for Sweaty Mommy started back in 2006 when I was just 23 years old—a full decade before I got pregnant. I was working at a mall in Florida and noticed moms with their strollers working out in the halls before the stores opened. I thought it was a great idea and knew whenever I had a baby I wanted to start a mommy fitness meetup. At the time I didn’t know what to call it, but one day in early 2017 I was working out with Maui and said, “I’m a sweaty mommy!”

Before I got pregnant I worked with and trained numerous pregnant women, postpartum moms, and moms that thought they would never be able to get their body back. I was always fascinated and inspired by them. As their trainer, they motivated me to be better. I always told my mommy clients that because of their dedication, whenever I got pregnant I would commit to working out throughout the pregnancy. I’m happy to say I stuck to my word and worked out clear up until the day I went into labor with Maui and was back in the gym just four weeks later.

Creating the Sweaty Mommy meetup fulfilled my dream and helped give me the extra push I needed to get out of the house and make friends with other moms in the area. By working out at the beach and having adult conversations with other moms I was able to prevent postpartum depression. And by having Maui as my workout buddy I created a stronger bond with her. The effects have been incredible for me and for the other moms that have joined the group!

Our mission at Sweaty Mommy is to empower moms to become the strongest, healthiest, most confident, and most UNSTOPPABLE version of themselves. We take action to create a healthy lifestyle and lead by example for our family, friends, community, and most importantly—our children. It only takes one mom to help change the world!

Want to know more? Shoot me a message!

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