Get help losing your postpartum weight!

Do you feel lost, overwhelmed, or stuck? Having a hard time finding time to reach your goals?

Let us help you get in shape and reach your goals in the comfort of your own home!

Fit In Your Favorite
Pre-Pregnancy Clothes

Feel Comfortable And Confident In Front Of Your Partner...Even Naked!

A Tighter Core
And Toned Mom Bod

Better Mommy Time Management

More Energy To
Play With Your Child

Accountability And Support From The Sweaty Mommy Community

Do you want to be a part of a community of like-minded moms?

Do you want to create a healthy lifestyle for you and your baby?

Join our community and give yourself 60 minutes of “ME” time every day!

Choose the Right Program for You and Bring the Class to Your Own Home

Train your way from a laptop, stream your TV, mobile, or tablet

Beginner/Newly Postpartum

If you just had your baby, are brand new to working out, or just need to get back into it at a slower pace, then this 4-week Sweaty Mommy Sculpt program is for you!

With this program you will learn how to get rid of the mom pooch the right way, manage your time better without the mom guilt, and finally get back in the routine in your fitness.

Virtual LIVE
Group Class

If you thrive in a group atmosphere, want some personal attention, or need the accountability of a trainer checking in on you, then join us LIVE via Zoom for daily workouts in the comfort of your own home.

Live classes is a total body strength + HIIT, Monday through Friday at 9:15am PST. But if that doesn’t fit your schedule, you’ll also have access to the replay so you never have to miss a class!

Virtual LIVE Private Training

Want some one-on-one support? Have a specific goal you want to reach?

Let’s hop on Zoom and I’ll provide customized personal training tailored just for you while coaching you through workouts you can do wherever
you are.

Meal Plan and Workout Collection

If you are self-motivated and just looking for a little guidance along the way, then choose from one of our DIY programs. Each program is curated with
replays of previous live workouts and paired with easy-to-follow meal plans.

Choose one at a time, or a three-month bundle pack!

You gave birth…
You can work out!

First Week Just $10!

Sweaty Mommy is designed for all levels!

It only takes one mom to help change the world!

“I no longer feel like a chubby mom always worrying that I will hate looking back at pictures with my son, wishing I was skinnier. I was always afraid that my son would be embarrassed by his overweight momma. I now know that I need to focus on me and my needs rather than wishing I was like everyone else. Once I joined Sweaty Mommy I was able to get back control of my life, my health, and my emotional state.”
Ashley House
“My confidence has grown a lot! I feel like I am happy to be in public and not concerned about fat poking out of my pants or bras. I feel like a lot of the fashion I used to wear I am able to pull off again, and I LOVE my legs! I like to put on my heels now and see how they look with definition...huge confidence booster!”
Kaury Pena
“I often spoke very poorly of myself. I was drained all the time and constantly saying, ‘I’ll start Monday.’ After having my daughter and really recognizing that my older step-daughter are hearing these negative words, I HAD to make a change. I have, and I am SO thankful. I have found myself again, and it’s beautiful. I realize I am worth it!”
Catherine Downes

Don't let another day go by wishing you had started six months ago...

Hi, I’m Darlene and this is Maui!

Here’s a little background about me:

✓ 15+ Years Experience as a Health & Fitness Professional
✓ Certified Prenatal & Postnatal
✓ Certified Vegan Lifestyle Coach & Educator
✓ Author of “The Affordable Vegan Diet”
✓ Fitness Model & TV Personality “Beachbody 21 Day Fix Extreme”
✓ 5x Nationally-Qualified Bikini Competitor
✓ And of course, I’m a first-time mom with an incredible girl!

Why I Started Sweaty Mommy

My vision for Sweaty Mommy started back in 2006 when I was just 23 years old—a full decade before I got pregnant. I was working at a mall in Florida and noticed moms with their strollers working out in the halls before the stores opened. I thought it was a great idea and knew whenever I had a baby I wanted to start a mommy fitness meetup. At the time I didn’t know what to call it, but one day in early 2017 I was working out with Maui and said, “I’m a sweaty mommy!”

Before I got pregnant I worked with and trained numerous pregnant women, postpartum moms, and moms that thought they would never be able to get their body back. I was always fascinated and inspired by them. As their trainer, they motivated me to be better. I always told my mommy clients that because of their dedication, whenever I got pregnant I would commit to working out throughout the pregnancy. I’m happy to say I stuck to my word and worked out clear up until the day I went into labor with Maui and was back in the gym just four weeks later.

Creating the Sweaty Mommy Community fulfilled my dream and helped give me the extra push I needed, make friends with other moms in the area. By working out at the beach and having adult conversations with other moms I was able to prevent postpartum depression. And by having Maui as my workout buddy I created a stronger bond with her. The effects have been incredible for me and for the other moms that have joined the group!

Now I am excited for the new direction for Sweaty Mommy. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, I realized I can take the same principles and knowledge and help even more moms all around the world by providing classes 100% online. So we took the big step and went virtual! The only thing that has changed is we can’t give real “high fives” anymore…just virtual “air fives”! Moms still get the same amount of accountability and support in our community. And they still see the same results of losing postpartum weight and feeling confident in their own skin.

What's stopping you?